GMB L43 Solidarity with Banana Workers in the Cameroon



L43 Branch member Jenny Webber has visited Cameroon three times on behalf of Banana Link, to work with the union there to train union reps. L43 branch, after hearing her reports of the poverty and exploitation of the workers in Cameroon, decided to do something practical to help the workers. There have been three separate ways of supporting these workers:

  • A donation was sent to help the union buy another truck, after theirs was stolen. A request also went to the Region to support – which it did.
  • The workers have set up a co-operative farm, so that they will be able to grow food to feed their families and the branch has sent money to help buy tools, seed and livestock. An appeal has also gone out to all London Region branches to help.
  • Back-pack bags were bought with the FAWU and GMB logos on for the union reps to wear and carry their paper-work in.


The union and the reps in Cameroon have been really delighted, not only with the financial and practical help, but also to know that workers in the UK are thinking of them and trying to help them in their struggle.

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